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Everyone needs a Will, indeed everyone has a Will. They can write their own Will or the state will write one for them (intestary). However, having a Will is more that just leaving everything to those you love:

  • A Will can ensure that a property is protected from third party creditors and being taken by the local authority to pay for the cost of care.
  • A Will can ensure that children are not disinherited by the remarriage of a spouse (sideways disinheritance).
  • A Will can safeguard an inheritance for a disabled child against being used to pay for primary care so that it could be used for additional/private care.
  • A Will can ensure that a 'prodigal child' can only inherit when they have 'regained their social responsibility'.
  • A Will can speed up the transfer of assets which otherwise could be in limbo for years.
  • A Will can ensure that an unmarried father is granted custody of his natural children.
  • A Will can ensure that your choice of Guardians will take care of your children rather than those appointed by the court.
  • A Will can ensure that a business is maintained for beneficiaries rather than it being closed due to probate delays.
  • A Will can ensure that an individual is excluded from your Will even if they would normally qualify as a beneficiary.
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