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We offer our clients Wills at a low cost and, most importantly, all of our Wills are bespokely drafted, which gives our legally qualified staff the time to make sure that your wishes are expressed in a legally valid manner.

Although we do regularly see clients directly at our Head Office in Bedford, the majority of our clients see one of our trained nationwide consultants or one of the many Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) we work with.

We are able to offer Wills that include a variety of Trusts, which can help to protect your estate and property from third party creditors, thus providing defence against care home fees. We are also able to include Children's Trusts, which give your chosen Trustees the discretion to release funds to your children to cover education and other expenses, until they are old and mature enough to deal with the money themselves (this also protects your children's inheritance from bankruptcy and divorce).

Finally, we are also able to include Guardianship provisions within our Wills, so as to ensure that if something were to happen to you that the person you would most want to look after your children is able to do so.

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