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Lasting Power of Attorney

LPA for Health and Welfare

Lasting Powers of Attorney for Health and Welfare (H&W LPAs) allow Attorneys to manage a Donor’s affairs regarding their Health and Welfare. This includes things such as deciding who can and cannot visit the Donor (it is not uncommon for the vulnerable to be targeted by people who do not have the Donor’s best interests at heart) and other decisions relating to the Donor’s general welfare.

When a Donor makes an H&W LPA, they can also decide whether or not they want their Attorneys to be able to make decisions regarding Life Sustaining Treatment. This is a very serious decisions for anybody to make, and requires careful thought and consideration. Some people would prefer to have life support switched off if they are in pain and with no prospect of surviving, or they may not wish to be resuscitated in certain cases.

Alternatively, some people feel the total opposite about this and would like life support to be left on, for instance. Through a H&W LPA, you are able to pass these types of wishes on to your Attorneys, who will then have the authority to advise and direct any doctors treating you.

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