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Storage and Amendments

We offer a low cost storage and simple amendments service to all of our clients. Within this service, we can safely store our clients’ Wills, Powers of Attorney, Title Deeds and Living Wills in our fireproof storage facility. A great many Wills and other important documents are inadvertently lost or destroyed before they can be used, which is why this service is so important to our clients and why around 10,000 of our clients already store with us.

Within this service, we also provide simple amendments to our clients’ Wills, which means that if they get married or have children (for instance) subsequent to having made a Will with us, we are happy to make relevant alternations to the Will document on their behalf, and to have this bound and resent for signing free of charge.

If you are interested in having your documents stored with us, then please do ring our main line on 0345 222 0022 / 01234 802391 or send us an email at info@goodwills.net.

storage and amendments with Goodwills Legal Services Ltd