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Executors / Professional Executors

The Executors of a Will are the people or professionals chosen to make sure that the Testator's wishes are carried out once he or she has passed away. Executors are personally liable for making sure this happens and there are often complex rules and forms involved, which is why we generally recommend Professional Executorship to our clients. The main duties of the Executors are as follows:

  • arrange the deceased's funeral
  • get details of all assets and debts
  • pay any inheritance tax that is due
  • obtain a grant of probate, recognising their lawful ownership of the assets of the deceased
  • bring the assets together in their hands
  • pay the debts of the deceased
  • hand over, or pay out, specific bequests
  • determine what is left (ascertain the residue)
  • distribute the residue

As you can see, the process is quite lengthy and complicated and, as Executors are personally liable for carrying out all of the above during what is often a difficult time for them (having very recently lost a loved one), we generally suggest that Professionals are appointed, whether jointly in order to assist a personal Executor or to act solely. As a regulated law firm, we are able to be appointed as Executors ourselves and we are very experienced when it comes to dealing with our clients' estates, especially should the matter later become contentious. We offer a generous discount for this service to all of our clients and the main advantages are as follows:

Less stress for loved ones, as we will be able to guide them through the process of Probate, and take on most of the burden through what will already be a difficult time for them;

Having someone independent and impartial to oversee the process is a huge advantage should the Probate turn contentious – there will already be someone on hand who is experienced with dealing with these matters. Although clients do not necessarily anticipate any family arguments or disputes, these are becoming ever more common;


We offer these services to our clients for competitive, fixed fee quotes, which makes sure that the Estate is dealt with properly for the lowest cost.

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